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Starfire Designs Portfolio
These are a few of our creations and a brief description about each one. If you like what you see, maybe one day we'll add your new site to our portfolio! If you have any questions please feel free to call.

Axonom, Inc.

Axonom, Inc. is a Bloomington, Minnesota headquartered software development company that sells Microsoft-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies worldwide. As a high-tech company their website is both a point of first contact with potential clients and a regularly visited site for current partners.

This is a proposed redesign for their current site (another Starfire Designs project). A clear professional layout with easy navigation between parts of the site was essential. The site contains approximately 125 internal pages. The navigational styles and site color schemes are consistent throughout and the site has been optimized for Search Engine placement and e-marketing initiatives. Also, the site takes advantage of "right-hand navigation" practices where links to the right take you to more information deeper in the site, while the other navigational links take you back out to more general pages. The site has some Javascript events and several ASP forms (such as the one in the 5th picture). Most of the graphic design for these pages was done by Starfire Designs. Previous versions have also used flash although this one does not.

Service Plumbing

Service Plumbing is a Loves Park-based union plumbing contractor. They wanted a website to put their information out on the Internet and allow common contact tasks to be handled electronically. They also wanted to emphasize their area-best deals on water heater installation and repair.

The color scheme was chosen to emphasize a simple and direct site with no-frills. The layout is consistent with their other advertisements in the phone book and newsprint. This site is much smaller in scale containing only 8 pages total. All photography and graphic design work was done by Starfire Designs.

Youth Violence Project

The Youth Violence Project is a site with information about Youth Violence and its prevention. It contains facts and statistics as well as offering intervention and prevention advice.

There are 9 internal pages and several relevant graphics on each page. The site itself is laid out very simply with a focus on getting the viewer whatever information they need quickly. The links page uses a "Google-style" title and description link to guide viewers to the most appropriate information quickly. The site is currently hosted by GeoCities.

Other Starfire Designs Sites

Starfire Designs has worked on several other sites in the past. Unfortunately some are no longer active.


  • Hartsough Dermatology - Cached Version - No longer active.
  • North Suburban Library District - Active 2000-2004.
  • Rockford Health Systems: Visiting Nurses Assoc. Marketing Project - Inactive.

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