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Web Hosting and Domain Registration
Before your new website can be viewed by anyone on the Internet you must decide on two things: the domain name and how/where you want your site hosted.

Domain Name RegistrationYour domain name - also known as the URL of your site - is what people will type in their browser's address bar to access your site. For example, the domain name for this site is Your domain name must be registered, and it must be unique - there can only be one. However, your domain name does not have to end in ".com" - there are many alternatives! ".net", ".biz", ".us" are all open possibilities, and if you're a nonprofit organization, church, etc. ".org", or ".info" for information or research. You want your domain name to be simple and relatively easy for people to remember. Also, if you connect email addresses to your domain, a shorter domain name is much easier to give out to other people or fill-in on a form.
Starfire Designs will be glad to help you choose a domain name and get it registered.

1and1 Internet HostingThe next determination you must make is how to host your site. A web host is the server that actually holds your website pages, images, script files, etc. You can have your own webserver and host your own site, or you can contract with a web-hosting company. Starfire Designs recommends 1 and 1 Internet Inc.

No matter how you choose to have your page hosted, design-work on your page will begin on our server. You will be able to view progress on your site as we work on it at a URL we will give you. We will also provide you with a temporary page for your domain while your site is being contructed if you wish. When the site is completed and you have given your approval, we will transfer the files to your web host via FTP, or in person (if local). Whenever someone enters your domain in their address bar then, they will be sending a request to your webserver and your page will appear on their screen!

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