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Web Design from Starfire Designs
Web design doesn't just happen. It needs to be a carefully considered process. Everything from the site colors to the content layout should be discussed and approved based on how you want to present yourself to your customers and clients. While we enjoy designing websites, the site we are creating is yours! We want you to be involved in the process from beginning to end.

The Starfire Designs process follows these steps:
  • We will meet with you to understand the goals for your new website and gather ideas.
  • We will help you choose a domain name, and help register it for you.
  • Planning the general layout, color schemes, and internal site navigation will begin.
  • Design will begin on a server hosted by us.
  • During the design process you will be able to view the "work-in-progress" and we welcome any comments/changes you may have.
  • Each page will be checked for standards compliance and browser neutrality.
  • Periodically, you will be asked to check on the site and give approval.
  • Page elements will be added/modified for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and future e-marketing initiatives.
  • Upon final approval your site will be ready for hosting and search engine submission.
What Advantages do I get from a Starfire Designs Website?
There are many people out there who can create a website. But the saying "you get what you pay for" is especially true in web design. As a professional, you want your website to look professional. A poorly designed, navigationally-challenged, or just plain ugly site will give customers who view it the wrong impression. Additionally, a site built from one of several available templates can give the wrongful impression of affiliation with or worse, "copy-catting", another company.

Having a professionally designed site by Starfire Designs gives you these major advantages:
  • A unique site tailored to your business and goals. We do not use any templates to design your site. While several sites (both designed by Starfire Designs and not) may share similar characteristics, these will most often be characteristics important for a good site. The design for your site will be a TRUE original, created by Starfire Designs and YOU working together as a team and coded from scratch.
  • Standards compliant code. Though they are not universally enforced, there are standards for web coding and web design. Complying with these standards and following "best-practices" ensures that your site will be viewable the way it is intended by as many people as possible, and that no unsightly and user-offending errors will create a poor first impression when your site is visited.
  • Browser neutral code. Not all web browsers interpret the same code the same way. Internet Explorer is still the market leader in web browsing, but Mozilla Firefox is catching up. There are other browsers such as Safari and Opera that have much smaller, but still significant parts of the market as well. You want your site to be accessible and viewable to all web browsers in as similar a way as possible so as not to alienate any potential customers.
  • Simple, clean code. The code behind your site will be clean and easy to maintain and update. If you take over site maintenance from us, we want the site to be as easy for you to update as it would be for us. Therefore, it is important the code for the site be as clean and easy to follow as possible. This also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and in keeping page-load times to a minimum.
Web Design Services
All Starfire Designs sites use standards-compliant, browser neutral Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). If your site requires additional options we will attempt to accomodate your needs.

We currently offer the following service options:
  • Logo and/or Graphic Design
  • Flash Animation
  • Javascript
  • ASP
  • E-Commerce
What do those buttons mean?
If you look at the bottom of this page there are 3 buttons down there. Those buttons are badges of pride because they deal with some of the important things we talked about on this page. We practice what we preach!

This button tells you that this page is valid HTML 4.01 according to the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - an international group who promote interoperablity of the web.

This button tells you that the Syle Sheet (CSS) used to control all visual aspects and behaviors of this page is compliant with the CSS standards created by W3C.

This image both encourages the spread of the Firefox browser and lets you know that this page is viewable in Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. As the Firefox browser is one of the most stringent standards-wise, it is also a sign of browser neutrality.
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